Warren Solar

Massachusetts is among the leaders in the the nation in developing solar power and energy efficiency, and this exciting solar project brings us closer to a clean energy future.




MW Capacity

May 31, 2014

Completion Date

Warren, MA



Homes Powered

13,677 tons

CO2 Offset

The Warren Solar project  is the second-largest solar facility in Massachusetts.  The site includes three separate projects with total capacity of 14 MWAC. The projects’ generating capacity is comprised of more than 57,000 72-cell, 300-watt solar panels. The arrays face due south and utilize design/engineering techniques to maximally harvest Massachusetts’ latitudinal solar resource. The projects’ will collectively produce more than 20,000 MWh per year. The projects’ will collectively provide over $1 million per year in energy savings to customers – including the University of Massachusetts and the Town of Orange – via long-term power purchase agreements, and new tax revenue to host communities. Borrego Solar, with offices in Lowell, MA, was the construction contractor.

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