Welcome to Palouse Wind

 Turbines:     58 Vestas

Capacity:      105MW

COD:            December 13, 2012

Location:      Whitman County, WA


The folks who live in Eastern Washington understand the importance and practice of harvesting natural resources while preserving a unique environment. As one of the most fertile regions in the world for wheat production, the rolling hills of the Palouse exemplify the practice of sustainably managing the natural resources of the Inland Northwest.

Palouse Wind, sited on Naff Ridge between the town of Oakesdale and Route 195, is the next advancement in collecting a new regional crop: the wind. Wind power from the project interconnects to the Avista 230kV Benewah-to-Shawnee transmission line. Palouse Wind will harness enough wind to generate up to 105 MW for Whitman County and much of the Northwest - enough to provide power to as many as 25,000 regional homes.




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