Welcome to Oakfield Wind

Oakfield Wind is a new renewable energy project proposed within Maine’s Aroostook County. The wind farm will be located approximately 2.5 miles from the center of Oakfield, helping the community harvest and utilize the area’s abundant wind resource.

To date, First Wind has analyzed the wind resource, met with Oakfield town officials, and established partnerships with landowners to lease land for the wind turbines and transmission line right-of-ways. First Wind will also be working with several leading companies in Maine to develop the Oakfield Wind project, including: SGC Engineering, based in Westbrook, Maine; and Stantec, based in Portland, Maine. SGC Engineering will be providing both civil and electrical engineering, transmission system design, aerial photography and control, and support land acquisition services. For more details about SGC, visit their website (www.sgceng.com). Stantec will be providing environmental consulting services, which will include drafting applications and conducting a wide range of environmental studies. For more details about Stantec, visit their website (www.stantec.com).  

In total, First Wind has worked with over 300 Maine-based business to develop, construct and operate our 185 MW Maine-based fleet (Mars Hill, Stetson I & II, Rollins).


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