Welcome to Milford Wind

     Turbines:   165 Total Wind Turbines: (97) @ P1 & (68) @ P2

     Capacity:   306 MW: 204 MW @ Phase 1 & 102 MW @ Phase 2

     COD:          November 16, 2009 & May 2, 2011

     Location:   Beaver and Millard Counties, UT

Milford Wind stretches through the desert of southern Utah, just north of the town of Milford.  The combined 306 MW facility was developed in two phases and is the largest operational utility-scale wind farm in Utah.  Output from the two operational phases provides power for about 64,000 Southern California homes under normal operating conditions, while avoiding 300,000 tons of CO2 emissions that would result from conventional regional generation sources in a typical year.

Phase 1, completed in November of 2009, is situated predominantly in Beaver County and consists of 97 operational wind turbines – a mix of 1.5 MW 2.5 MW machines – with a maximum capacity of 204 MW.  The second phase of the project, completed in May of 2011 mostly in Millard County, added 102 MW from 68 turbines.  First Wind is exploring further development opportunties for harnessing the exellent wind resource in the extensive Milford valley.

In order to transmit power to Southern California, First Wind built an 88-mile transmission line which connects with Intermountain Power Plant in Delta, and then with the Southern Transmission System towards the Los Angeles metro area.  With a mind toward protecting the fragile desert soil, much of the generator lead was built using helicopters.

First Wind is an important member of the Milford community.  Local high school students have played an important role in the project throughout its development, as seen in the video, “The Wind Kids.” The pilot scholarship for the First Wind Scholars program was launched in Beaver County, and continues to fund scholarships for local students in both Beaver and Millard counties.  Finally, construction and ongoing operations and maintenance have provided significant economic and employment opportunities for local businesses, contractors, and suppliers throughout Southern Utah.




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