Welcome to Mars Hill

     Turbines:   28

     Capacity:   42 MW

     COD:          March 27, 2007

     Location:   Mars Hill, ME

Commissioned on March 27, 2007, Mars Hill Wind was First Wind's second project to achieve commercial operations, and was the first utility-scale wind energy facility in the state of Maine.  The project consists of 28 turbines capable of generating up to 42 MW of clean, safe wind energy.  In a typical year, Mars Hill Wind produces over 140 million-kilowatt hours of electricity; enough power for about 20,000 New England homes. 

The Mars Hill project continues to generate clean energy today, and recently renewed its power purchase agreement with New Brunswick Power, which was recently able to offer a 10-20% discount in its standard offer service in the Mars Hill service territory (press release).  The project also continues to support the local economy with on-site contracting opportunities and $500,000 in tax revenue for the town of Mars Hill each year.  This additional revenue stream lowers the local tax burden for homeowners and landowners by as much as 20%.



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