Hear what some community members say about the local impacts of wind farms.

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We firmly believe that wind power is changing the energy future of America, and is a safer, more sustainable option than many other power sources.  However, any new technology can bring with it a new set of questions.  That is why First Wind is committed to early and ongoing outreach with the communities we work in, and thorough analysis and management of the habitats where we build projects.

In addition to clean power for the grid, our projects also generate shared benefits for the local communities we work in. During the construction phase, wind farms stimulate increased business activity locally and statewide, and we work with municipalities to make sure that our projects provide tangible benefits for all stakeholders.  Additionally, we undertake extensive analysis to mitigate environmental impacts during site preparation, turbine installation and during operations.  Browse the following pages for further examples and detail: 


Wind farms can help invigorate local economies.


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